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Post IMS ANZAC Corvette

IMS ANZAC Corvette (Others in class – Warramunga, Chandler, Grimes, Perth, Adelaide, Armidale, Perry, Lawrence, Decatur, Ballarat, Canberra, Westralia, Atago, Takanami, Sendai, Fitzgerald, Broke, Preble, Hornblower)

Type: Corvette

Displacement: Streamlined, 400 tons

Cost: MCr 284.1 before discounts and without small craft and cargo.

Drives: All drives H, giving Jump-4, Maneuver-4 and Power-4.

Fuel: 200 tons

Armament: 2 triple PAWS turrets; 2 triple missile turrets or 2 ASM turrets

Fittings: 9 staterooms; 14 low berths; 14 tons cargo; 30 ton small craft bay

Vehicles: 1 SB-7 Ship's Boat or 1 D-7 Dropship

Electronics: Computer 4 with fiber optic backup

12 crew:

Captain 1
XO 1
Navigation 1
Medical 1
Chief Engineer 1
Engineer PO 1
Engineer 1
Chief Gunnery 1
Gunners 4

Marine Rifle Platoon
1 Officer
4 NCOs
8 Enlisted
(Enlisted/NCO carried in low berths)

Notes: The ANZAC class corvette is a fleet workhorse used for escort, patrol, ground support, courier and even minesweeping duties. Many carry a Marine Rifle Platoon in low berths usually with a LAV-40 infantry carrier and a D-7 dropship replacing the SB-7 ship's boat.

ANZAC class corvettes and the older Cumberland class corvettes are the most numerous ships in the Commonwealth fleet and will be the classes of shots most commonly encountered by Travellers.

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