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Post IMS Winters Drop Transport

IMS Winters Drop Transport (Others in class – Gavin, Sosabowski, Shishumi, Student, Rico, Ocean, Howard, Browning, Taylor, Henderson, Garcia, McAuliffe)

Type: MI Drop Transport

Displacement: Streamlined, 4000 tons

Cost: MCr 1488 before discounts and without small craft and cargo; MCr 1723 with small vehicles and jump capsules.

Drives: All drives Z, giving it Jump-3, Maneuver-3 and Power-3.

Fuel: 1240 tons


40 triple missile turrets

Fittings: 68 staterooms; 1 double sized command stateroom; 1350 low berths; 181 tons cargo; 300 ton small craft bay; 100 Jump Capsule Launchers; space for 1800 Jump capsules

Jump Capsules: Typically 1450 High Survivability Capsules (cr50,000); 350 Basic Capsules (cr2000)

Vehicles: 2 SB-7 Ship's Boats; 8 D-7 Dropships

Electronics: Computer 7 with fiber optic backup

59 crew:

Captain 1
XO 1
Computer 1
Navigation 2
Medical 1
Communications 1
Ratings 4
Chief Engineer 1
Second Engineer 1
Engineer PO 2
Engineers 3
Chief Gunnery 1
Gunners 40

Mobile Infantry Battalion Landing Team
22 Officers
1307 Enlisted/NCO
(Enlisted/NCO carried in low berths)

Notes: The Winters class drop transports are the largest drop transports in Commonwealth service. Each is capable of landing and supporting an entire battalion of Mobile Infantry. The jump capsule launchers can fire 1 jump capsule every 30 seconds, so the entire force can be deployed in about 7 minutes.

Troops descend in high survivability capsules, which are well armored and contain numerous decoys and other penetration aids. Typically, only dedicated point defense systems have any chance of detecting and engaging them. The Winters class ships also provide fire support with their missile batteries. The 350 basic capsules are used to transport supplies and disposable MRL launchers.

The ship's boats and dropships are used for retrieval and deployment if the surface is already controlled. Each can retrieve 39 troops.

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