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Post IMS Indefatigable-Class Fleet Carrier

IMS Indefatigable (CV) (others in class include Ark Royal, Shokaku, Enterprise, Hiryu, Reagan, Shannon, King George V, Lexington, Yorktown, Saratoga, Hornet, Victorious, Veinticinco de Mayo, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Intrepid, Wasp, Hornet, Victorious, Queen Elizabeth, Empress Victoria)

The "Indy" class CV is the standard Commonwealth heavy carrier and is usually the flagship of a carrier battlegroup. Its strike wing of 40-60 fighters constitutes the main striking power of the battlegroup. Typically, a CBG will consist of an "Indy" class Cv, a Leonidas class Aegis light cruiser (1000 tons), 2-4 300-500 ton frigates, and 2-3 400-800 ton Fleet Logistics Carrier cargo ships (Pollux or Neptune class). For expeditionary operations, the battlegroup may include a Tarawa class Marine Assault Ship (see entry for Tarawa in this thread). Or, perhaps a Winters class Drop Assault Carrier (see entry in this thread).

Indefatigable class CV:

3000 tons; Size Z drives, giving Jump-4, Maneuver-4, Power-4. 30 triple turrets; 28 beam laser, 2 sandcaster. 1240 tons fuel. Crew 212 (includes 60 fighter pilots and 60 flight technicians). Computer Model 7, 110 staterooms, 1 double sized command stateroom. 4 ship's boats, 60 light fighters (or 20 light and 20 heavy fighters). 198 tons storage. 50 ton maintenance shop (MCr 20.0). 120 ton small craft bay. 600 ton fighter hangar. Streamlined.

Ship cost MCr 1147.5
Ship's Boats: MCr 120
Fighter Wing, MCr 1080 (60 F-52 Hellcats or 20 F-52 and 20 F-140 Panthers)
(all prices before class discount)

Some Invincible CVs carry 20 F-140 Panther heavy fighters and 20 Hellcats. This costs Mcr 1080.

Commodore 1 (Commands carrier group)
Captain 1 (Commands carrier)
XO 1
Computer 1
Navigation 2
Medical 1
Communications 1
Misc Ratings 4
Chief Engineer 1
Second Engineer 1
Engineer PO 2
Engineers 3
Chief Gunnery 1
Gunners 30
CAG 1 (Commands fighter wing)
Pilots 63
Flight Crew 64
Marine Lt. 1
Marine NCO 3
Marines 24
Service 6

Total Crew 212


The Indy is the current frontline carrier in Commonwealth service. While other designs carry more fighters, the Indys are renowned for their staying power (a significant amount of tonnage is devoted to munitions storage and repair bays) and long legs (Jump-4).

The New Anglian Commonwealth is a far flung empire with a fairly small fleet for the space governed. Its units need to be self-contained and comparatively independent because reinforcements are gonna be limited and slow to arrive.

Also, I use High Guard to determine crew sizes for 1000 tons+ combat ships, which makes crews larger. And I allocate 1 ground crew per fighter, which I think is reasonable for a military fighter in sustained operations.

It should be noted that the Commonwealth Navy is transitioning to Jump-4 for all fleet units. Most older ships are Jump-3 and Jump-2 ships. Ideally, these ships will be replaced by new construction and transferred to colonial fleets.

But the number of Jump-4 carriers and Marine Assault ships is limited. Very occasionally, an Indy class ship will replace 3 of its fighter squadrons with collapsible low berths for Marines and dropships. This allows it to (barely) deploy a Marine light infantry company.

For long duration missions, an Indy might reduce the fighter wing to 40 light fighters (or 10 heavy and 20 light fighters). This frees up 200 tons of cargo space and about 80 tons of stateroom space.

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