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The truth of the matter is that every human born since Julianna Seidel made her contribution to humanity is an altrant. That means every human in Clement Sector and back home would be considered an altrant by any human who lived before Seidel. We are faster, stronger, better, and, yes, even more attractive than they ever were. We live far longer. We can change our bodies to match the view we have of our inner selves, we can repair our bodies when they go wrong, and we can alter our bodies to make possible our wildest dreams. Therefore, the widespread prejudice we see against those that most humans, even altered humans, refer to as “altrants” is misplaced at best and reprehensible at worst.” – Doctor Carleen Adams, at a speech to the biomedical school of the University of Boone, January 7, 2337 (standard)

Excerpt from Tree of Life: Altrants in Clement Sector which will be published next month from Gypsy Knights Games
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