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>> Can they be assumed to exist between two nearby planetary systems with the required offices?

Playability Playability Playability

The 'Terrain' ought to be determined primarily by a few numbers on the system hexes. Far Trader states that there aren't any Major/Minor/Feeder routes the way the Villani used to do it. I have a hunch it will be more workable to leave connections off the map for the most part and just let the players push their ships where ever they want.

We may have the Trade goods dissipate to represent independent traders leeching away the Big Dawgs trade goods.... The 'leeching' might just be applied to the planets with the biggest stockpiles. (Or maybe the leeching will be too much accounting to bother with?)

Remember that the WTN system of Far Trader was made to eliminate the imbalances of the single player CT system. With multiple players competing on the game, we shouldn't have that same sort of problem. The players might compete so much for the sweet spots that the returns for them won't be that much.

I can 'see' the "MULE" game in my mind's eye fairly well. I think I can work up a prototype of that that even my wife and my office mates would play against me.
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