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>> What kinds of offices are you thinking of?

"Offices" could range from the usual Factories, Farms, and Mines to Brokers, Elite Management and Corporate Espionage teams.

Ideas on running the planetary level M.U.L.E. game:

If you've ever played the dice game Farkel, you'll have an idea of how this might work. You roll 6 dice and get points for 1's and 5's. X-of-a-kind and Straights get huge scores. Each turn you may reroll as many dice as you want, but you must 'freeze' at least one or more point scoring dice for each roll you make. If you ever fail to roll any scoring combinations, you loose all of your points. If ALL the dice are showing points, you gather them all up and start again.

The strength of your factory could determine the number of dice to roll. The type of economic unit would determine the scoring combinations. Management and Espionage intevention would determine the number and type of rerolls. Planetary and Terrain affects might determine the type or color of the dice.

Each production round would contain several mini-mini games that are kinda exciting in and of themselves. 'Hitting the jackpot' might be frustrating if you can't transport your 'winnings' to market or if they go bad before the next starship comes.

Edit: Here's the Farkel rules--
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