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Originally posted by Jeffr0:

Economic Game Brain Storm:

** The Strategic game could have counters defining an office or team set up on a specific planet. Each type of office will have a set of strengths and weaknesses. Different players might have different sorts of offices on the same planet. Ships move on a route from planet to planet. The amount of money made each turn depends on competition between offices on each planet interacting with the frequency of the passage of the ships. Each turn the offices engage in various "contests of skill" stacking up various resource and product blocks. The big ships move from system to system shuffling the blocks around for the big pay off.

** The abstract resolution of the Strategic game could be expanded into a stand alone M.U.L.E.-like game taking place in a single star system. If there would be a way to make the game playable on a map similar to the classic Traveller world maps, that would be really cool.

** If the above two economic could be automated, you'd have an interesting system for generating background for a Far Trader type single ship game.
You're a good Idea Machine, Jeffr0. These ideas are simple yet powerful, and can have complex interactions with a minimum of rules. I see you have learned a few things from MULE.

I love the idea of having an office established on worlds. This is a great way to represent market saturation, since competing offices can be on the same planet.

Perhaps the sum of all office strengths for a world cannot exceed the planet's population?

What kinds of offices are you thinking of?
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