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My initial thoughts after reviewing the web page:

Mini-game Definition Brain Storm:

** The games must be fast playing and easy to learn. Each game could provide a option for introducing some aspect of Traveller to a new and more casual audience.

** Much like Voltron, the seperate games could combine to form a gigantic game that could satisfy the most grognardy of grognards.

** Optional layered expansions could flesh out each individual game to a slightly more 'mature' design. (See how the relatively simple game of Ogre was fleshed out into almost a 'real' wargame with the classic G.E.V. supplement.)

** Each group of players could assemble the 'perfect' game my mixing and matching which games would be played out and by choosing which layers of rules would be applied for each mini-game. (Example: Players might choose to combine simple strategic games with advanced tactical games while ignoring the trade/economic mini-games.)

** Ideally many of the mini-games should be designed so that they are easy to play by email or some other online approach. (I don't expect these games to take the CCG and CLIX crowds by storm, so we need to be able to get players somewhere!)

** Some of the mini-games (or mini-game subsystems) might be similar to the Classic Traveller character design system, allowing for a kind of solitaire play.

** Some of the mini-games might use a system of secret and simultaneous orders with perhaps some types of conditional orders being allowed in some cases. The sequence of play will have to be as lean as possible in order speed up game play and make things managable by email.

** Ideally it should be possible to codify your basic strategy into a set of orders so that players can play even if they have to drop in and drop out of the game occasionally.

** Taking these ideas to their logical conclusion, it should be possible for all of the 'players' of the game to be 'programmed' so that a sort of gigantic cellular automata of the Traveller Universe could be built. Like Conway's classic game of Life, this could be an amusing Zero person game in itself.

** If any of the more obscure ideas I'm mentioning here turn out to be too difficult to implement, they should be ignored. Playable face to face game designs should remain the top priority in any case.

Economic Game Brain Storm:

** The Strategic game could have counters defining an office or team set up on a specific planet. Each type of office will have a set of strengths and weaknesses. Different players might have different sorts of offices on the same planet. Ships move on a route from planet to planet. The amount of money made each turn depends on competition between offices on each planet interacting with the frequency of the passage of the ships. Each turn the offices engage in varios "contests of skill" stacking up various resource and product blocks. The big ships move from system to system shuffling the blocks around for the big pay off.

** The abstract resolution of the Strategic game could be expanded into a stand alone M.U.L.E.-like game taking place in a single star system. If there would be a way to make the game playable on a map similar to the classic Traveller world maps, that would be really cool.

** If the above two economic could be automated, you'd have an interesting system for generating background for a Far Trader type single ship game.
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