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Default From whence it came...

Some TNE pre-history for you, this email was when I first heard about what was to come:

From: ihlpf!zonker@ATT.ATT.COM
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 91 09:52 CDT
Subject: Traveller Revisions

What I have from the horse's mouth (Wally the Wonder, that is): Star
Viking is supposed to be a totally new game. Frank wants to do a game that
deals with looting on a planetary scale. This requires limited space travel
and to make it fun a wide diversity of planets (i.e. everything from
barbarians hoarding chickens to fairly advanced systems). The intro/set up
of which will allude to Traveller as its far past. The RPG system will be
based on Twilight 2000-2 and the combat system will be a extension of
command decision. As an aside command decision appears to be a real adaptable
system. The CITW (including myself and Frank Chadwick) have been playing
Crimean War battles with it and it works. Star Viking is supposed to be a
game mainly of looting planets so large scale combat will be the norm.
The original virus was supposed to be similar to the PC virus of the last
year or so, but I think I convinced him to do something a little more
elaborate. I told him he should assume a technological breakthrough which
causes most computers to have a common component (my suggestion was
something organic). The computer virus then attacks "life support"
processor actually causing the main processor to die of starvation or heat.
The net effect is that it appears to be a normal failure that causes
component replacement it's not until very late that they figure out it is a
virus attacking the life support system rather than a bug in design/manufacturing.
By then production is virtually at a standstill and massive component failure
is occuring. At any rate you probably won't have to go to SV unless you
want to.
Frank has also talked about redoing Traveller as the Twilight system.
He seems to understand the problems with doing this so soon after
MegaTraveller. This is not a new idea and in fact Traveller 2300 was an
attempt to do this as well with t2000-1 (in amy opinion they didn't go far
enough with 2300 and in fact made it too Travellerish). Personally I like
the Twilight system which is why I agreed to edit the Eternal Soldier
newsletter for GDW. Will it work (as a system) for Traveller? The answer
is yes (the system is extremly flexible). Will it sell? Who knows, but at
least you will have a proven/workable system to play with. Will you buy
it? Probably since many of you seem to require the background support that
the currently supported version provides. Will there be production problems
.... hard to say, but these are related to the staff and as of right now
things seem to be in good shape.
Space 1889 suffered from deployment problems caused by delays in the minitures
for Sky Galleons which was a real horror story i.e. Sky Galleons was about
9 months late and was produced off of reworked miscasts of the masters (the
masters were really hot stuff from what I was told). This caused what was
initially supposed to be a gradual introduction of products to become a flood.
What interests me the most is the raw nerve the game struck between the
extremes of the hobby the historic games have lashed out at it almost as a
corruption of history (as if what they did was the same thing under another
name) and the fanatasy RPG players have lashed out at it as being too
historical (as though the fact that you could do reasearch in a history book
made it any less fantastic). Personally having gone gaga as a pre-teen on
H.G.Wells and E. R. Burroughs I like 1889.

Non Cuniculus Est,
Tom Harris

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