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My computer was hijacked during the server update, which resulted in several fake Window's Defender notifications asking for my Window's ID, slowed browsing, and other phishing scams. I spoke with Magnus about this, and apologize to the site and people who read my stuff. I had Norton do several scans, enabled it's Safe Browsing tool, tossed cookies, cleared browsing history, and a number of other things to give my computer a security shake down.

I have more adventure seeds, but am going to beg off for the time being because of this latest security concern. However, a couple more seeds I wanted to post dealt with an homage to Venus and an old Miyazaki film (Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind) I saw in early 80s via laser disk. I mish-mashed that with Peter Jackson's version of skull island from his take on King Kong, where megafauna savaged the crew going after Fay Wray.

Seed First; A world that has an exotic atmosphere that allows habitation in the upper "biosphere" where nitrogen and molecular oxygen give a breathable atmosphere, but below a certain altitude the atmosphere is fogged with poisonous compounds, hiding the remains of a tech level one civilization. On top of that, pirates are hiding in the poisonous depths, and your team is tasked with ferreting them out.

Seed Second was based on a concept I had inspired from the old Jeff Goldblum and Cyndi Lauper comedy, "Vibes". You team goes to a world with mountainous South American like Rockies / Andes mountain range, and there you confront a cult leader with enhanced psionic powers.

That's all for now. I'm taking a break from the forum for some time. Thanks for reading.
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