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Just wanted to drop in a quick reminder that Drive-thru RPG's Christmas in July sale will be in its final days over the weekend. Gypsy Knights Games is, of course, part of that sale as are many other fine publishers. You can save 25% on all PDFs in the sale and all of our books are included in that.

Don't miss out! Follow the link below this to see all of our books!

Thanks for your time. Please enjoy this piece of starship art from Ships of Clement Sector 7-9: Defense Boats and Light Warships. The ship pictured here is the Berlin-class Colonial Destroyer which was created and designed by Michael Johnson, our resident starship design guru who does an outstanding job designing all of our ships and deckplans. The art provided here was by Ian Stead, the reigning king of starship art.

You can find Ships of Clement Sector 7-9 and all of our books at this link:

John Watts

Independence Games: Home of Clement Sector, Earth Sector, and Action Movie Physics.

Our website.
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