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Originally Posted by Mako View Post
Just curious to see if any of you are using 15mm - 32mm minis for your Traveller encounter games and scenarios?
YES! As a matter of fact I do! In 15mm in fact.

Originally Posted by Mako View Post
I suspect it would be a lot of fun to have actual scale characters, NPCs, creatures, and aliens to deal with, fight, flee from, combat, etc., etc., either on far-flung, planets in distant systems, or at your local spaceport, or starport too.
Yes, yes, it is.

Originally Posted by Mako View Post
I think 15mm scale is best for games with lots of terrain and buildings, and where you want a bit of maneuvering room on the tabletop, or when you want to create, or purchase your own spacecraft.
Actually 6mm would be best, but coming up with character figures in that scale is a pricey pain in the ass.

I must mention that I started a whole movement to bring back 15mm Science Fiction figures back 20+ years ago in a quest to have more for my Traveller games. With a bunch of help from other fans we have been pretty successful.
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