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Default Quality of T2000 v1 and v2 CDs

Hi All!
I am hoping this is a good place to ask.
I am very much interested in purchasing both the Twilight 2000 v1 and v2 CDs from Far Future Enterprises - I so want to go back and play these games again - so awesome!!!
I have the Twilight 2013 and while a great game - it just does not feel like Twilight 2000 to me - perhaps this just sentimentality playing a part.


What I want to know is how is the quality of the .pdfs? I did purchase T2000 v1 from DTRPG awhile ago and the quality was terrible with bleed through and just being blurry as well. Poor .pdf for what they were asking.

I have the Classic Traveller CD and the quality is quite good so I am hopeful.


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