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Hey all....I know I'm not active right now but I saw this and figured I'd throw in two cents regarding the ship design.

The stern doors are designed to be used as a large airlock with the inner doors that are usually up. The space inside the the inner and outer doors is large enough to allow for two or three cargo containers if needed even with the inner doors shut. The rear doors also have the external gantry/hoist system to facilitate loading the hold in low grav and/or in space.

The reason for the airlock arrangement is to make that space loading/unloading possible without having to decompress the hold in case that was desirable for some reason. Like if you were in a toxic atmosphere or even in space and have delicate cargo or something on board.

There are also man-doors in the inner and outer stern roll-ups so you can keep the main ones shut.

So....the advantage to docking stern-first is that you don't have to put the nose up to access the bay, and thereby maybe have a problem with undocking in a hurry or under less than ideal environmental conditions. It is safer and more efficient for a lot of reasons easily imagined to dock her stern-first. So long as at least the inner stern doors can be shut, the ship can be sealed for space. And for security reasons it means you can still lock up the ship while away and docked to a highport - can't do that with the nose-on docking.

OK< back to work on my papers.
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