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Right now just waiting for Kalos to take the helm and maneuver the ship to Highport dock according to instructions that Donoma downloaded.

- After docking, Nero and his associates can take the primary responsibility for customs clearance of his freight, but y'all need to have someone involved since the freight is stuck on your ship until clearance is granted, so any inspections will be occurring in Cargo Bay of Fortunate Son. Plus y'all have some stake in that freight as you will be getting paid according to profits of sale

- Y'all will need to decide if you want to just lump your 1/8 ton of lanthanum in w what Nero is selling or try to make your own separate deal on that. Y'all also have some Wood that would sell for a good price here, and might want to roll and see what you could get for the Electronics, although profits on those would be higher on a lower tech world.

- I'm going to have a go at the speculative cargo procedure from Mongoose Traveller, as it provides for interesting variations depending on what social skills are being used to seek opportunities. It appears to me that usage of Broker skill is for accessing the standard listings and making deals w port brokers, while Admin may hook into deals with the port administration or local government, Streetwise may get underworld connections or shady cargo, Carousing may lead to random connections in taverns, Liaison is sort of general purpose or may add bonus to other social skills. Steward applies to finding passengers through regular port channels. Not clear on what may help w connections with other traders in port; seems like there should be something better than just Carousing - maybe an amalgam of Trader skill w # of terms in Merchant careers.

- anyway, aside from what is found on the listings, y'all will be responsible for roleplaying out any use of social skills as outlined above to track down possibly more interesting and profitable freight, cargo, and passengers.

- Are you getting any maintenance/repairs done here, or waiting to do that elsewhere? Nexus is one TL higher than Freehold and could potentially upgrade some of your Bridge equipment and computer if nothing else; on the other hand, as Max noted rather succinctly, the Law Level here is more likely to get y'all into trouble the longer you stay here.

- Anything else anyone wants to do as far as exploring Nexus Highport, looking for patrons or contacts or cargo or whatever.
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