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Originally Posted by DaveChase View Post
I am willing to try and continue. But it will late Wednesday or Thursday before I know more about me to make such a determination
Originally Posted by atpollard View Post
I don't see any particular reason to detail out the time in jump. *snip*
Perhaps we should set aside one week in real time for the week in jump.
Then anyone who wants to do something can and at the end of the week, the ship exits jump and the adventure moves forward. Just an idea. I'll follow whatever the rest of the group wants to do.
Originally Posted by Fritz_Brown View Post
I like atpollard's idea of giving us a week of Real Time, and if no RP happens in jump, then we pop out and carry on.
I also like this idea for future Jumps.

For this Jump from Devonia to Nexus, we've already had about three weeks realtime, so how about we say Jump Exit will be Friday 10/18? That will be after Dave has more info on his ability to continue, and should allow time for me to hear back from sabredog as to his preferences on temporarily putting Hampton on the shelf (we talked about this once before and already agreed that running the Captain as an NPC would be a bad idea - Captain should be a PC).
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