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Originally Posted by ManOfGrey View Post
For a game that is as popular as Dungeons & Dragons with its multitude of polyhedral dice, frankly I really don't understand why the half dice in T4 was such an issue. I felt the idea of increasing the number of dice one rolled as either a task became more difficult, or the range increased, was truly innovative. And it's not like the math is hard. In fact, they even make six-sided dice that are printed 1 thru 3 twice. Just roll those, and count the dots.
I'll list the reasons I disliked it...

1) it gives away the difficulty immediately
2) it makes uncertain tasks harder to do.
3) roll low is less satisfying than roll high for the majority of people╣
4) as implemented in T4.0, the value of a point of attribute was way more than that of a skill, so astute players took most rolls on the PDT▓, rather than skills
4a) once the TIH rule was added, it curbed it slightly, but once the desired skills hit 3 or 4, back to the PDT
5) as implemented in T4, it forces all tasks to be attribute + skill│, rather than the far more flexible mode of the DGPCT/MT/2300 system, where it could be two skills, two attributes, one each, terms, special duties, rank...
6) no direct mechanics relied upon the roll-low dice by difficulty.⁴
7) a 3d variant of the DGPCT/MT/2300 task system with 5 point steps works just as well, but allows hidden difficulty, uncertain tasks, uses roll high, and can still benefit from TIH...

╣ I have done surveys of students in grades 2-8; about 60% of them prefer roll high even when the odds are identical and they know it. about 10% preferred keep low. TSR's early 90's survey came with a similar result.
▓ PDT: Personal Development Table. The one that's mostly attribute gains.
│ One could theoretically use rank, terms, or special duties received in lieu of the skill component... but the scaling is less valuable than it was in CT/MT.
⁴ Essentially, T4, you can readily replace the task system with another one, and nothing changes, except what and how one rolls, and the specific odds. T4 merely requires determining 1 of 4 levels of success by interatio
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