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Default "Tweak" #2 -- A characters must buy skills like they do characteristics.

Page 20 in the T4 rulebook reads (partly) as follows:

Skills and Training:

Skills are acquired by rolling on the acquired skills tables, once for each skill allowed, using one die. There are six tables for each career, each containing different general types of skills. Players may determine skills on these tables in one of four ways:

Roll one die for the table number, then one die for the specific skill.
Roll one die for the table number, then select the skill from the designated table.
Select one table, then roll one die for the specific skill.
Select one table, then select one skill from that table.

If case you're wondering, I'm a big fan of that last option. I believe, if a skill is listed on any of the skill tables of the character's chosen career, it's fair game.

Only... you don't just get the skill, you have to pay for it with skill points you accumulate. Skills are bought just like characteristics. To start with a skill level 1, it costs 1 point. To raise that skill to a skill level 2, it costs two additional points. To raise that skill to a skill level 3, it costs three additional points, and so on.

For example, to buy Pilot-1, costs 1 point. To raise it to Pilot-2 costs 2 additional points. To raise it further to Pilot-3, it costs 3 additional points. So, to go from unskilled, to Pilot-3, costs a character 6 points total.

Characters accumulate 1 skill point for every year of their careers.

And to this mix, a character can add the few skill points they had left over from buying characteristics before. These points are spent in the exact same manner.

Characters don't get extra skills, or skill points, because of receiving either a commission or promotion. They just get either commissioned, or promoted, as part of their backstory. (For what it's worth, I know lots of ex-military personnel who would make the argument someone doesn't necessarily get any smarter, just because they were promoted!)

Furthermore, if a characteristic is listed on the skill table of a particular career, it too may be raised by accumulating points during a career. But they are raised at the exact same cost as before. In our earlier example, to raise a character's Strength from 8 to 9, it takes 9 skill points, or nine years of training, in order to accomplish this feat.

For those Min/Maxers and Power Gamers out there, you might take note of this... there are 92 skills listed in the skills list on page 38. If a character has a career of, say, 30 years... they could accumulate a skill list of their own of about thirty level-1 skills. Or ten level-2 skills. Or five level-3 skills. Or three level-4 skills. Or some combination thereof. Regardless, the geometric progression catches up quick. (And that's assuming a character doesn't use the points accumulated during a career to buy characteristics, which tend to be even more expensive!)

Even the "skills" acquired because of background, homeworld, or college and the like, are skill POINTS. For example, if a character gets "Computer" because they grew up on a Tech Level 5+ world, that just one skill POINT towards Computer. If it's the first computer skill they get, then one point can become Computer-1. But a character doesn't get Computer-2, until they accumulate 2 more points towards raising that skill.

Any leftover skill points from character creation may be saved as experience points, to be spent later.

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