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Public Data File - Subject: Sawter, Jeffiery - Human Male, Age 43, Single.

Service Record - 20 years Interstellar Navy aboard the cruiser Richard Easton, Engineering Branch, Retired. Final rank Master Chief. MCUF and Naval Honor Sword.

High rating as Engineer with full sub-discipline competency and vacuum suit training. Flight rated for small craft operations.

Retired to Farpoint with Navy Relocation Assistance. Returned after four years to take assignment aboard the Pride of Naasirka. Completed one year orientation just in time for maiden voyage.

Current employment as a Chief Petty Officer, Engineering Section One, aboard the Pride of Naasirka.

Excellent physical health with the exception of Harper's Malignancy. Average intelligence. Basic education. Average income.

Library File addendum - Harper's Malignancy: A rare temporal lobe tumour usually occurring in both sides at the same time but occasionally only one. Fatal unless treated. No cure. Treatment requires regular subdural injection of tailored drugs, typically administered by patient using an autoinjector. Harper's Malignancy is not transmissible and the cause is unknown. Most cases seem to originate on Farpoint and usually present at about age 18. The disease only affects humans. Cases in later years and off-world are very rare.
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