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NOTE: Prices have been lowered! Also some items have sold. See updated list here.
Suggested prices, but offers are accepted (PM me please)!

Pictures forthcoming.

Payment: Money Order or PayPal preferred
Shipping: I combine S&H, and prefer Media/Parcel or Priority within the USA, Airmal Letter/Parcel or Global Express outside of the USA.

GDW 2300 AD & Traveller

$30 Boxed Set - has the two rule books (w/clear plastic covers), near star map, play aids booklet; top lid has three split corners otherwise the game is in great shape

Classic Traveller
$4 Book 6 Scouts
$6 Adventure 5 Trillion Credit Squadron
$20 Striker Books 1-3 (2 sets) + 1 set of charts & errata; clarification - this is for all the books & 1 set of charts

(potentially sold) $15 The Traveller Book hardcover - good playing copy, no dustjacket, some penciling

(all are potentially sold) BITS - useable with any Traveller edition
$6 101 Corporations
$6 101 Governments
$6 101 Patrons
$6 101 Religions
$6 101 Rendezvous

Far Future Enterprises Classic Traveller Reprints (or $50 for all three)
$18 Books 0-8 reprint - slight tear about an 1" on the front cover
$25 Supplements 1-13 reprint - a couple of stains on the inside cover page
$20 JTAS 1-12 reprint - has been read

Starfire Design Studio
(potentially sold) $5 Galactic Starfire 4th Edition
2 core rulebooks, 2 counter sheets and some hex maps (these maps may be for Starfire or Star Fleet Battles I'm not sure) - note: if there were any additional loose sheets with the game they are not included but sheets, errata, and software can be downloaded directly from the company if needed

TSR Star Frontiers
$15 Star Frontiers boxed set - has rule books, module, maps, box in good shape, some counters punched but looks like most to all are there
$15 Star Frontiers Knight Hawks - similar shape to the SF boxed set except one corner of the top lid is split with about an 1" on the top lid

West End Games Star Wars RPG
$15 Star Wars Roleplaying Game 2nd Edition Revised - hardcover, good shape
$15 Lords of the Expanse campaign setting boxed set - looks complete and near mint (including map) except no NPC cards; great for a more Dune or Traveller like sci-fi game and almost stat free
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