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Question Julian Protctorate

My question has to do with a way of thinking. My wife wanted to work out a campaign in and around Antares Domain/Julian Protectorate.

There seems to be very little about the Protectorate that I can dig up.

So what I can find, I'm leaning to the idea that if using a historical concept that I can imagine as plausible.

1. As the Imperium seems to be formed based on two ideals one ROME and two Great Britain and the British Empire.

2. I read that the Protectorate seems to be influenced or controlled by the Julian Menderes Corporation. As it seems to me also to stylize a scene of the Confederacy, the JP could also not only be Swiss like, but possible it may act like the Holy Roman Empire which was not so much geographic in its later construct but a kin to a confederacy of sovereign micro-states held together under the direction of the office of the HR Emperor and the various Elector Dukes/Princes.

3. In my concept of this the Electors would then form the governing board of the Menderes corporation. The CEo would then be almost like the HRE. Would this concept work?
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