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Originally Posted by McPerth View Post
"Agreed" answers McBean. "Let's return to the Pride and get dressed for the ceremony"
Just wondering, does our life support system onboard Highland Pride include adequate water for bathing and so forth, or should we take advantage of our rooms at Director's House for the luxury of a last hot bath and shave before leaving?

Originally Posted by SpaceBadger View Post
Still a little unclear on planned schedule for this morning.

- hand prisoner off to Veers and his men, let him be the Major's problem, not ours; give affidavits of evidence if necessary

- send wire to Holmes (possibly by way of Inspector Lestrade) re possible involvement of Moriarty?

- farewell breakfast?

- await arrival of Army Warehouse supply wagon(s) which were promised by noon at the latest; as soon as these are unloaded into our cargo bay and everything secured, take off to being our journey to Venus???

- somewhere in the midst of this, a public farewell ceremony, possibly speeches, say goodbye to loved ones???
All that Carson really has to do is supervise the unloading and stowage of the supplies from the Army Warehouse (sometime before noon, I hope, as was promised), for which he will be in khakis or even civilian work clothes from his luggage (and probably wanting another wash-up afterward!).

Then if there is some kind of lift-off luncheon or ceremony he will need to be cleaned up and in Dress Red uniform for that, and hope to have a moment for goodbyes with his parents, since they said they would come for the lift-off and he didn't get to see his mother yesterday.

Other than these, not sure what is supposed to be happening, or in what order. For now, I suppose some chow would be good.
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