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Originally Posted by CaptRet View Post
Yes, we must have different versions of CSC. My pages 116 - 119 are energy pistols, energy rifles, and the first page of grenades. May have to go to Striker and build manpads from there. Query, do you know how the characteristics/values for missiles relate as between Striker and MGT ? I've read that penetration for gauss rifles is very different between the two systems.

Striker is just a little too particular to go and try to translate into any of these armor absorb die roll versions. I've got a dirty translate routine for MgT2E vehicles build process, but that's because I like it's quick build routine and am not afraid to handlay armor values and slap Striker weapons on them.

I'm thinking you must have the MgT2E CSC, do you have a publishing date there? If so and the Manpads are missing, that's a big overlook, killing grav vehicles has to be high on the merc's shopping list.

I'll give you the quick MgT1E versions.

The tactical missile which is what would be vehicle or ground mounted is listed in 3 flavors, anti-air, anti-armor and anti-personnel. Fire and forget hit on 8+ and on gunner skill for guided, light artillery weapons so I'm sure there is a range there, burst radii 14m for anti-personnel and 7m for the others, 9d6 damage with anti-armor being rated Super-AP (helps pen). Cost is 3Kcr/4Kcr/1.8Kcr, weight is 14/16/10kg.
There is a portable light tactical launcher associated with tac missiles, 15Kcr and 22kg. They are not clearly linked and it's a paragraph separate from the missiles themselves. I would presume weapon rails/bays/turrets otherwise.

Found a separate table, light arty is 12km, so that's your range.

The guided disposable launcher would be the more typical RPAT/MANPAD platform, it just lists 4x warhead cost without other stats. All sorts of modifiers defined for what you would want, I presume smart homing in all cases, fragmentation for light anti-grav/air or some version of the armor piercing ones depending on what you are hunting, but absolutely no base cost to the warheads themselves.

The whole thing introduces a penetrator AP/Super AP/Ultra AP on up penetration value, where the more powerful the warhead and the more penetratey it is the more armor is ignored THEN the die roll is applied. To be more precise 1D6 yields ignore 1 point of armor, 10D6 yields ignore 10 points of armor, then higher armor piercing presumably at higher TLs introduces multiples so x2 is ignore 2/20, x3 ignore 3/30, etc.

It's not bad, has a certain elegance showing even heavy older tech can do serious hurt and higher tech having hair-raising penetration if the armor isn't matching. I could live with it, but the 'roll your own warhead with a bazillion modifiers and no base cost' mess of a publication makes this comical and frustrating.

Gotta be an errata on this somewhere.

The guided part is simple enough, x10 for smart, x15 for brilliant (+2 DM), x20 for genius (+4 DM). So you could use the weapons and the table Pollard is alluding to, except none of these have frag warheads, more of what you would want for anti-air, not to mention range.

I can probably hotwire some MANPAD rules for you, if you like. The unguided rocket section has functional ammo costs, lighter rockets then the tactical and usable ranges.
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