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Originally Posted by Echo View Post
I think the term is 'professional writer' - he writes for the company, not for personal interest.
Sure, but you wouldn't hire a carpenter who wasn't a fan of paint, preferring woodstain, to repaint your house, professional builder or not. Not if you want the painting done properly.

Originally Posted by Echo View Post
Don't forget that this game is supposed to be able to hang multiple sci-fi settings on. Some settings may well include nanotech, cyborgs, microcomputers and AIs, and a sci-fi game system should be able to include these things well.
Is it? Really? I was under the impression that this was Traveller and that the hanging of other settings on the Traveller core rules was the way it was working. So any setting specific differences from Traveller would have to be included in the specific setting book. It's Hunter and others that are working on generic sci-fi rules since Marc has decided that the only license for Traveller will soon be Mongoose (and GURPS).

RTT (or whatever) is not supposed to be any more generic than GT, and presumably much less even since RTT is supposed to be compatible with T5.

I do agree, a generic sci-fi rule set should include all that, but RTT is Traveller, not generic. Unless I missed a memo.
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