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Well, I finally splurged and picked up a kindle copy of the book (I prefer real books, not electronic books that require electronics to read!)

Thus far, it seems interesting. When I got to the point where the Agent declares a system as being a red zone, I grew interested in the process involved and how quickly it could be raised.

It brought back to mind the ONLY time as a Traveller GM, I've ever instituted a change of a zone from Green to Red - done by the Star Port Governor. The reason? Some of Adabicci's power brokers were starting to change tactics from the usual "Plausible deniability" stuff to outright assassination attempts against Nobles of the Imperium on Lunion. They even went so far as to toss in a "fake" terrorist attack over the extraterratoriality line - damaging other assets in the star port in an effort to kill one individual aboard a modified freighter.

Net result was that the world was declared a red zone and all commerce was halted as well as other activity.

That episode in my own campaign gives me a high regard for the powers of anyone who can institute a red zone declaration at the drop of a hat. Not something that any member world in the Imperium ever wants to trigger I'm sure. Likewise, in my campaign, the person authorizing the red zone implementation had to answer for it directly to the Duke of Lunion - just to prove it wasn't done for frivolous reasons. I can't wait to get back to reading the book now dammit.

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