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Originally Posted by Supplement Four View Post
That's pretty awesome.

(random character):
Army General Valentina Smith 69A477 Age 46
I know that some people have low opinions about 90-day wonders, and this would explain it. I don't really think that a character with Int of 3 could be considered for commission. I realized in thinking this that there is no rule about it, but... there certainly ought to be minimum of 6 (low average).

I mean, at Int 3 I don't think you can complete the paperwork. That's almost at the level where you make an X because you can't spell your name. Int 2 would probably be full on mental incompetence (but otherwise functional). Int 1 would be functional retardation.

There probably should be minimum set for command (CT ranks 5 and up, maybe rank 4), maybe Int 8. Again, I know that plenty of people think the brass must have Int 3, but it's a matter of hidebound thinking rather than actual stupidity. They'd at least have to be clever and manipulative to get that far. And capable of filling out paperwork.
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