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Originally Posted by SpaceBadger View Post
I think it would be a big help if you actually read each other's backstories, as some of them are quite detailed.
What Doc's back story is, is different than what he appears to be. A written story only gives you the first look at an individual, interacting with them gives you an actual picture of sorts. I wanted interaction, otherwise, I would be trying to just write stories for a living.

If you really wanted Doc to be a stranger to the others, you could have started him on Devonia, as Fritz is doing with Donoma.
One, I told you I did not care, where he started, just needed a reason on why he was there.
Two, you suggested a starting place and I said that I didn't care.
Three, IF I had known that you were going to fast forward a group of us and not some of the others, I would have been picky about where Doc started.
Four, I didn't realize that flashback/backstories were going to be an issue.

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