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Doc takes a look at the data that Captain Hampton gave him while eating on the appetizers and sipping his beer.

'Hmm, Cargo Master.'
Looking up at the Captain, 'I have some skills in stocking and loading cargos. Not an expert of any sort but better than most who claim to know cargo. I can produce my certificates if you wish.'

'I would like to say, that I am official interested but I want to see kind of triage I am facing before I say yes.'

Taking his food order from the waitress when she brings it, then after she leaves, 'I have some resources and a few contacts here and there still friendly in the Navy and this college town. Even if I do not agree to hire on as your doctor, I may be willing to help you find others or supplies for a small fee.' Smiling quite brightly, 'Heck, I would even be willing to do a physical on any of your new hires for half price, just to get back into practice a bit.'

'With out telling all, if I like what I see and hear during the ship tour, I can possibly sweeten the pot in making you want to hire me.'

'So, let me know when you are ready, I will be after I finish eating and paying bill.'
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