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Originally Posted by ErianFrost View Post
After relieving Henry and setting in the course for the scoop, Kalos begins browsing the local news, market reports, and adverts from various brokers, keeping an eye out for any interesting work.
Kalos spots some interesting tidbits on spot-prices for trade goods similar to some of what Fortunate Son is now carrying as speculative cargo. Before he can complete his analysis and report to the Captain, he will need to look at some history on those prices, which is not included in the data-dump already received.

One point to consider, however, is that Kalos has never been to this port before, and does not know whether or not the port's data service can be trusted not to report any queries to local brokers, which might give those brokers useful information about what the ship is interested in, and therefore what the ship might be carrying. Kalos has been in this situation before, and is savvy enough to disguise his interest by asking for history on a wide variety of trade goods, not just the ones he really wants to know about.

Originally Posted by ErianFrost View Post
He also contacts the port authority, making the arrangements necessary to bring the Fortunate Son into port.
The Fortunate Son is still about 45 light-minutes out from the port, so Kalos can't have a direct conversation. However, he can send them a recorded message giving the ship's planned course and ETA, and some 90 minutes later expect to hear something back from them. Real-time conversation will have to wait until the ship is closer to the port.

Originally Posted by ErianFrost View Post
Upon taking the captain's call, he quickly takes a reading on their remaining fuel.
There are 73 tons of fuel currently remaining in the tanks. (50 tons for one more J-2 jump, plus 23 tons for 46 days of power-pant fuel.)
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