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Hampton, upon smelling the hint of vomit wafting through the bank of flapping air fresheners hanging in front of the crew lounge vent calls Kalos on the bridge, "How much fuel do we have in the tanks right now? If we have enough already to jump out of the system then scrub the scoop. We'll finish the outer inspection as we head to port. I want to air out the ship and the scoop might be too rough for these people."

Shaking his head he decides for the hundredth time to make it a rule that passengers take anti-jump sickness meds at least 24 hrs prior to the estimated drop-out time. Before the carpets are so bad they have to get them all removed anyway.

Hampton heads to the bridge. If Kalos has the fuel figures and they show at least half a tank of fuel then we will contact traffic control and inform them that we are heading in to land.
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