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Originally Posted by rfmcdpei View Post
Regarding territories like Baden and Hesse and others, I'd assumed that they'd slowly been incorporated into Bavaria somewhat like Franconia.
Using T2K as a source, I have rough borders for the German states, although there is some conflict with Italy:2300 (a non-canon article in the Traveller's Digest).

I seems to me that the united Germany includes the Tirol from Austria and Italy (so Salzburg and Innsbruck are now German), Silesia from Poland and Czechslovakia, and the western parts of Hinterpommern from Poland, while losing Schleswig to Denmark (although German 2nd Corps is in a possible position to expel the Danes in the early 21st C), and the Rhineland to France and Holland. What was western Czechslovakia may also have been incorporated.

There were effectively 6 German states in the post-twilight world, which interacted with the Kingdom of Silesia and the Polish Peoples Army:

Brandenburg: Formed around the US 11th Corps and the Polish Peoples Army (the Army of the Black Madonna), embracing the states of Berlin, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, plus west Hinterpommern from Poland

Saxony: Formed by whichever side wins between the combined 3rd German Corps (mainly East Germans) and 2nd Soviet Guards Army, and Julians Kingdom of Silesia.

Hanover: initially a quite small state incorporating the area between Hanover and Magdeburg, with Brunswick. Essentially what the British occupied for oil.

Westfalen: Based around Arminius's little fiefdom, either with it surviving or with the French kicking it in and setting it up as a satellite later.

FRG/ North Germany: Based around Helmut Korell's 2nd Corps, they took control of all the allied equipment dumped at Bremerhaven and became the most powerul military force remaining in Germany. However, they were loyal to the Federal govt in Nurnburg.

FRG/ South Germany: Essentially everything remaining, with Bavaria as the largest state, plus Hessen, Baden-Wurttemburg etc. This is the legitimate "Germany", although in 2k3 it has become "Bavaria".
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