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Hmm.. without the Reunification War you would miss a number of factors:

a - Militerisation of the French Arm. The Franco-German rivalry wouldn't have seen the increase in forces (Joi apart if you take Halbinsel to be a Hanoverian rather than a Bavarian colony.) This mainly effects Beta Canum on the ground, Adlerhost could actually be more militerised than canon without the peacekeepers but then loses the Anglophone squadron.

b - Expansion of the DSKM with no Bismarks etc

c - No loss of Freihafen/Garten and no potential fracture of the Bavarian Space Force and certainly more continuity and resources.

d - Much less inter-ESA rivalry

So what could have happended?

- Initial incursion at Aurore still occurs. Relief expedition still goes ahead but with a potentially less powerful Bavarian contingent initially (and no Lutke). No real change.

- Bavaria commits more resources to the follow up with the Aurore Fleet.

- There would still be a response to the Kafers in the EB Finger worlds with civil defence and more military measures.

- Invasion happens. Aurore still cut off - but how does it fare with no Bismarck (although the squadron is likely to have more supporting ships) and Lutke to bolster Borodin?

- Hochbaden, Dunkelheim and Nous Voila probably still have their fates.

- Human military response still kicks in although with less build up time to move ground military units around and mobilise militias etc.

- Rochemont's Fleet probably hangs together a bit better but again no Guderian for the relief expeditions.

- No Grosshiddenhafen base? Although given it's strategic position this would probably not last long before someone realised.

- Kimanjano - no change. Its a Bavarian squadron working with the Japanese rather than a German one but even if they work better together the

- Beta Canum - although fewer ground military units on the surface and the Bavarian Continent would aid the French more I don't see any major change here to the canon outcome.

- The Reserve Fleet. Doesn't have any German capital ships anyway and the number of non cap warships wouldn't alter if they were Bavarian or German. Indeed there might be more with a Garten contingent.

So in summary I'd guess it wouldn't make a huge difference. Perhaps only to the fate of Aurore with one less capital ship and no Lutke. Vogelheim might be more vulnerable too. But the Battle of Beowulf wouldn't change really.


Originally Posted by Colin View Post
Without the Reunification War, the Kafer War would have gone better for the Bugs at first, but there would have been much better coordination between the French and Bavarian units. French starships did most of their fighting against the Manchurian, not the Germans, and even that was a while ago. They would still have some captains and crew with fighting experience. Colony worlds all downt eh Arm would likely have been harder hit, and quicker, but Allied forces would likely have stopped them somewhere between Beowulf and Niebelungen.
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