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Originally Posted by rfmcdpei View Post
2300AD-era population distributions are likely to be quite different than in the pre-Twilight era--I'm curious to know more about the "Rhine Metroplex" that is the largest city in France--and a Bavaria that's at the heart of a vast interstellar empire would need somewhat of a larger population base (and perhaps territorial? maybe this is how Swabia gets reunited?).
From T2K the French took the "Linksrheinische" (Left Rhine) side of Germany. That would be Cologne, Aachen and maybe Krefeld, M-Gladbach and Moers. The latter three are already on the Dutch-German border so them becoming French isn't sure.

That is a small part of the real live Rhein-Ruhr Metroplex (Aachen does not belong to the Region IRL Btw). The majority of it's population actually lives Rechstrheinisch and that remained german.

As for the Bavarian Population: There are currently 12 Million of them (and they WILL be invaded by the Italians loosing a few including refugees. OTOH NRW has 19 (and will loose around 2 to the French) and is not touched by ground war, Niedersachen adds another 8 but might loose some refugees depending on Timeline (IIRC in T2K 1.0 there are two germanies)

Populations can only grow on what they have as a base. And pre-spaceflight/post WWIII the Bavarians have a problem with a lack of agrarian production. The sustainabel population using 1930s technology is a lot smaller (Bavarian population was heavily reinforced post WW2, almost 1/3)

OTOH "Bavaria independend" makes no sense anyway. While on first look they seem to have a lot of industry it is all dependend on deliveries from the rest of germany. BMW won't last a day with steel from the Ruhr Valley or Rearlight-covers from Westfalia, Siemens down there is depended on Chips from the East German states, Kraus-Maffai can't finish a tank without guntubes from Düsseldorf and so on. Bavarian industry is a latecommer (Bavaria only switched from being considered agrarian to industrialised in the 1960s/70s) and only could grow due to heavy sponsoring by the big states back then (Inter-State financial transfer)


That said, a country with a population in the 70-80 million range clearly isn't a marginal player in Europe. Presumably, quite a few people descended from migrants of this Germany have found their way to the stars. Maybe Germany could follow them?
How do you arrive at that population figure?


That's not my reading of German reunification at all. Schumpeter seems to have taken great care to make sure that German reunification was conducted in an impeccably democratic and fair manner, not least because he needed to neutralize France. Things did go relatively worse in many of the colonies, but that might have been expected to happen. Germany might like Bavaria to join, but I hadn't thought it much more likely to pressure Bavaria than to pressure Austrovenia.
Bismark wanted to peacefully integrate the Bavarians in 1866. When that did not work Moltke got the order to "kick some Austrian Butt" and Bavaria became German. So IMHO it is not without precedence that Bavaria is "forced" to see the light.


You could even get a German-Bavarian alliance out of this, even Bavarian support for a German interstellar program. If the Texans can cooperate with the Incans, why not?
Inca-Texan has less stress points and they are quite close to one another in status and sponsors. Bavaria-German is different in power/status. A Germany without Bavaria will likely remain a 3rd rate power with little stellar interest since for strange reasons GDW gave the colonies to the Bavarians.


I wasn't going for that. I was wondering how, in the light of those changes (no war of German reunification, no Bavarian fragmentation, no French empire) the Kafer War might have happened differently.
Depends (among other things) on what the Bavarians did build up military wise. I.e the new Germany did build 3 BC and a couple of slow but well-armored and armed cruisers and frigates. The Bavarians on the other hand used thin-skinned French craft a lot and only managed on BB (The Bavaria)
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