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Originally Posted by rfmcdpei View Post
I've a long-standing interest in alternate history--that's actually how I came to the setting more than a decade ago--and I wanted to address a counterfactual that has long interested me.


The scene is Bavaria, on 1 September 2291, in the office of the Bavarian prime minister as she talks on the videophone to provisional German president T.H. Schumpeter.

"The referendum results are in, and I just called to tell you that the electorate has decided that Bavarians don't feel like we're Germans, at least not most Germans. For three centuries, we've had our own separate history as the heart of a vast and diverse interstellar empire, while the other old successor states to Germany have been fairly small and normal northern European states. As for the colonies--well, let's not get started on those. We wish you Germans well, if you want help setting up a colony in our sphere of influence we'll be more than happy to oblige, and we'll keep the French off your back, but we're our own nation."

Over the next year, the four German states of Westphalia, Hanover, Saxony, and Brandenburg establish a Federal Republic of Germany. After three centuries, "Germany" again appears on the map of Europe. The French military junta is unhappy, but this Germany clearly cannot pose a threat to the empire and, brought down by its many economic failings, a new republic is declared in 2294. Energized by the 2291 referendum, Bavaria and all of its colonies from Hochbaden in the French Arm to Heidelsheimat in the Chinese Arm embark in a series of constitutional talks aimed at creating a new sense of Bavarian nationality for a vast federation of four hundred million people living on eight worlds.

With German reunification being limited to four small states in the Terran region of central Europe and Bavaria remaining intact, there is no costly transformation of astropolitical relations in human-dominated space, no potentially problematic Third Empire, no growth of polarizing Franco-German tensions throughout Terra and the French Arm. The French at Aurore and Nous Voila and the Bavarians at Hochbaden continue to collaborate in friendly enough fashion, even after France suddenly loses contact with its research station at Arcturus ...


What next? If the French and Bavarians do a better job of cooperating than the French and Germans of Canon history, they might be able to limit the scope of the initial Kafer incursions against Aurore. Conversely, a less militarized French Arm might not stand up as well.

Short detail: The "Thieving Hill Tribes" (19th century Brockhaus about Bavarians) are actually one of the SMALLER German states. Both Westfalia and Nether-Saxony are much larger and have more population.

As for the Rest: I doubt the new Germany will let the Bavarians exist, there is likely to much "bad blood" given the Bavarians "toady/leech" affair with France

IF they do allow them to exist basically Germany becomes uninteresting similar to Italy so replace all instances of Germany with Bavaria and be done with it.
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