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Originally Posted by SpaceBadger View Post
(I was going to look up what world would be that nearest Imperial Scout Base where Frank mustered out, but the map in the SANDBOX thread only has Bohen and Shessing as the only Imperial worlds up in the upper-right (rimward-trailing?) corner, so I'd need to find another of Magnus's Permatic Imperium maps to consult, and I fell back asleep before I could do that (darn meds!). Mags, a little help there?)
There's a 2013 map in Magnus's gallery (if the base locations have changed in newer versions, Magnus can correct me). Looking at it, the scout bases nearest to [1224] Bohen are on [1023] Poldi (J2 away, but an Imperial client world rather than full member) and [1526] Cessing Belts (J3 away, Imperial full member). Meanwhile, Julius's home base, [1425] INB Unbulne, is conveniently just J2 away from Bohen as well.

Also, upper right would be coreward-trailing.
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