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>>>[I read the library data and histories before I made the schedule. I looked at over 200 years of uneasy peace and figured at worst it was like travel into Berlin in 1935---still attracting tourists, especially the rich entitled ones, and "neutral" businessmen. If Warinir is more of a red zone if should probably be marked at least Amber if not Red, shouldn't it?]
No, it isn't really an Amber or Red (and there isn't any TAS to mark those anyway; although charts usually show Red for someplace that somebody with power has declared Off Limits), just a very Vilani-supremacist regime and culture that isn't very friendly to outsiders, so is an unlikely destination for passengers. Still might find a few; maybe someone who missed his official ride, or needs to get back but doesn't have the authority to demand a change of schedule, or something like that. Actually, Berlin 1935 is a good analogy.

>>>[Those listed market items were not requested items by me. They are what is available according to MGT core p163, and I was listing all of them just for this one time so we would be on the same page. Once I found out what the 4 random items were I was going to actually ask for available amounts and pricing.]
Yes, I figured that, but the book is set up for the Third Imperium or equivalent setting with lots of interstellar trade, and these folks are just trudging up the path from the Long Night. They don't have all of that "always available" stuff, just what the Export Guild guy listed. If you want to try to find some other cargos besides those, that will be getting off the ship and going looking around during your 5-day berthing.
Imperial Core Update: In other news, Emperor Strephon Aella Alkhalikoi is... still alive.

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