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Originally Posted by SpaceBadger View Post
"Bridget, this is Jurin Traffic Control. We show your position as inbound to Jurin from the Safe Jump Limit, ETA Jurin orbit about 0730 on 08-27, assuming standard 1G course. If you plan to go out and skim fuel first, we suggest you consult your system data and advise us of new flight plan."
"Sigh. Roger that Jurin Control. Be advised our updated flight plan is that we are inbound for disembarking passengers and cargoes. Request standard 5 day birthing permit to handle local business and a small maintenance issue.Please add us to space port replenishment services schedule. We will also require unrefined fueling since the GG would be an extensive delay."

Originally Posted by SpaceBadger View Post
Your best offer on the durable Luxury Goods comes from Amberson Factors, offering Cr230K/ton.

Your best offer on the Luxury Consumables comes from Ilysyn Fine Dining & Supply, offering Cr22K/ton.
Take the deal.

>>>[I read the library data and histories before I made the schedule. I looked at over 200 years of uneasy peace and figured at worst it was like travel into Berlin in 1935---still attracting tourists, especially the rich entitled ones, and "neutral" businessmen. If Warinir is more of a red zone if should probably be marked at least Amber if not Red, shouldn't it?]

>>>[Those listed market items were not requested items by me. They are what is available according to MGT core p163, and I was listing all of them just for this one time so we would be on the same page. Once I found out what the 4 random items were I was going to actually ask for available amounts and pricing.]

>>>[I had been basing all of my Ship Notations of the MGT layout since that was the rule set in use. So no worries.]
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