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Originally Posted by ChaosBennett View Post
[OOC: Alfred and Jarvis.]
[OOC: For the Crew and Passenger IAs? Those sound good to me. Any other suggestions, or approval by acclamation?]

[OOC: Do y'all (esp Captain and pilots, I guess) think that when you made your jump you would be aiming for the Gas Giant nearest to the mainworld, or aiming for the mainworld itself? Devonia is in the 4th occupied orbit of an F5 V star; there is an asteroid belt in the 5th orbit and a GG in the 6th orbit.

Devonia itself has open water, so you could most likely buy fuel at the starport or even set down somewhere and fill 'er up yourselves; Pop is only 2 million for the whole planet, which should leave plenty of wilderness beach areas unoccupied.

Heck, here is the basic world data; I will have more details for you tomorrow:

Devonia (Reavers' Deep 3125) C566674-8 Ag Ni 213
Size: 8000 km (5), Atmo: Standard, Hydro: 60%
Pop: 2 M, Balkanized, LL: 4, TL: 8
Star(s): F5 V M5 V, 12 Worlds, 1 Belts, 3 GGs
Independent, No Bases

Devonia is the 4th planet of an F5 main sequence star, and is somewhat hotter than standard, but still within human tolerance. Much of the planet is wilderness, as 75% of the planet's 2 million people live in a coastal metropolitan area around the starport, which is ruled by a charismatic oligarchy of wealthy families. The balkanized government rating refers to the other 25% of the planet's population, who have colonized various islands not too far from the starport city and live under a variety of different governments.
Imperial Core Update: In other news, Emperor Strephon Aella Alkhalikoi is... still alive.

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