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I think I'll break the tie by declaring for Reavers' Deep, at the most interesting historical period I can figure. This will fit well with what some of you expressed as wanting to do in the campaign (those that gave an opinion). I'm thinking of sometime during the Long Night, when several small pocket empires are growing there, and the Aslan have just made contact. I'll have to check some historical notes to figure out an exact date.
I was actually kinda hoping for that. I've never messed around there before.

also in line with the wishes of Sabredog, ErianFrost, and my son who hasn't made his CotI account yet.
Didn't know your kids were gonna be playing. Thought it was going to be a bunch of grumpy old men. There goes my salty spacedog routine.

you might want to use in chargen (although feel free to go ahead and read the chargen rules that I have up on my blog, and get started if you want).
I've got some ideas, but I was waiting to see who wants to play what. I don't particularly care. Playing a gunner would be fine with me.