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Default Games I Love

Games That I Flat-Out Love!

1. WEG D6 Star Wars - 1st Edition (and the other editions are pretty sweet as well.)

2. Classic Traveller - My God! I love that game.

3. Mongoose d20 Conan - A truly great interpretation of the 3.5E d20 rules that fits the Hyborian Age like a gauntlet.

Games That I Might Love IF I Played Them More...

4. Victory Games James Bond RPG - the only point-buy that I've ever truly liked.

5. Top Secret/S.I. - has an excellent task system

6. FASA Star Trek - Never played enough of it to know if I like 1st or 2nd edition better, but it's a GREAT game.

Games That Have Intrigued Me, But I Never Jumped In...

7. 2300 AD - I always seem to play Classic Traveller when I get the space itch...that, or Star Wars. Which hasn't left a lot of room for this game that I think I would really like.

8. Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes - Always wanted to play this, but I seem to play Bond or TSSI when I'm in a spy mood. I'd love to play an adventure game using these rules, like Indiana Jones, or African Bush Wars, Alaskan Bush Pilots, Caribbean Drug Runners, Noir type adventures.

9. High Colonies - Don't know why, but this game has always intrigued me.

10. Faded Suns - Because of my love of Dune.

11. The Dune RPG - Owned it. Sold it. Wish I hadn't. Wish it was supported.

Games That I Used To Love...

12. AD&D 1E and 2E - I tend to like 1E better. I could rekindle this love under the right circumstances.
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