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Here we see a recruiting poster for the Cascadian Naval Service. Cascadia has one of most powerful fleets in the Cascadia Subsector of Clement Sector. Many fear that they are planning an expansionist policy as they build up their navy and send out the Cascadia Colonization Authority out into Dawn Subsector (which they call Lancaster Subsector after Cascadia founding father James Lancaster).

Lancaster's corporate colors were yellow and green. Those colors continue to be popular among the people who live in the colony he helped establish. His love for those colors, his dedication to the failed nation of Cascadia, and his outrageous style continue to live on in the hearts of the Cascadian populace.

The Cascadian Naval Service is only one of several navies covered in Gypsy Knights Games' newest product "Wendy's Guide to the Fleets of Cascadia Subsector". The newest Wendy's Guide will be available in PDF on March 17.

Art by Bradley Warnes.

John Watts

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