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1) Adishmu University: on Ressampo, unless there's a reason not to be

2) Fame +2: Mustering out, I got an 8 on the Benefits table (p.84) twice, hence +2

3) Languages: I'll add Voodgi sign in the formal revision, and we'll pend the rest as TBD for now

4) Birthworld: You've no desert Hellworld, so I need to re-write part of my bio. I'll get this taken care of post-haste

5) Major: The problem with picking one Language for a Major is that the book seems to be saying (p.100, lower-left-hand corner) that my Major is "Language", and p.163 says I can't put more points in any separate Language than are required to get it to my Edu, and some other limitations making this an unusual Skill.

When I get Language-5 in undergrad alone, I can't figure out how to put all the points in one Language ; please help me

6) Honours: I'll roll and add in the edit

7) Scholar skill: Thanks for the clarification. p.142 doesn't list "Scholar" anywhere as a Skill, Talent, Knowledge, or anything else, and as a Career Knowledge (p.144), it says it maxes at 6. I didn't know whether the Max-6 was "you can get a lot, but only 6 from Terms", or "you can have only 6 total no matter what". When combined with specific Sciences being capped at 6, you can see where my mind went. Sordenrae's Fame has nothing to worry about from me, now .

p.144 also tells me I forgot the World Knowledge for wherever I've been Universitying all these years

Major Edit: pending...