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Originally Posted by ArcaneFlash View Post
Sorry for the resurrection but I found this thread and it got me thinking.

In T4, I got some interesting results.

Fusion plants:
TL 09-12, FC: 0.6% of Plant Size for 1 Week.
TL 13-14, FC: 0.6% of Plant Size for 1 Week. "Mass": 25% less
TL 15, FC: 1.2% of Plant Size. "Mass": 50% less.
TL 16, FC: 1.3% of Plant Size. "Mass": 75% less.

Heplar: FC: 2.5x Engine Size/hr. (probably *per G)

Any thoughts?

That looks confusing especially since I have no context (haven't looked at T4's ship design method more than once, and that years ago).
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