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Default The Shipless Merchant: Does Chartering Pay?

I found myself glancing over this ancient thread:
and I wonder if anyone had played this out - a group of PCs undertaking a trade venture employing a chartered vessel, rather than owning their own?

It still takes a good packet of capital: a free trader, iirc, costs about 190,000 cr to charter for two weeks, and that I would take to be a basic price for a trip to a nice, safe A or B port. Anywhere else IMTU would take serious danger money and a very desperate shipowner (how much would you charge to risk a misjump?) To make such a journey worthwhile, the hiring agent better have a full hold of spec cargo lined up and a sure thing on the other end...

I could see a small number of PCs buying a stake in 1-3 tons of a "sure-fire" cargo, and chartering a scout at perhaps 30-40kcr to move it, rather than relying on liner routes...
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