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Originally Posted by savage View Post
Well, I was waiting on a T-shirt. Hoped to wear it at DragonCon. When i saw complaints i dropped a note to Marc.

I do hope Marc has this situation under control. And i hope the actors and crew get paid. It appears he's known Ken for a while. Also they worked on T4 together. I'm not a T4 fan but Aramis tells us that there are some from a previous thread. I believe someone mentioned Psionics in T4 is pretty good. I never read it. I probably should sometime.

I'm not to wild about the spam emails about other projects. I'm not interested, if it does not discuss spinward traveller.
I tried to call Mr Whitman today, using the phone number Mr Whitman posted on his d20 Entertainment page and his Ken Whitman & Associates page.

I got a 'this number has been disconnected' message.

I would say that Mr. Whitman has disappeared, except he did block me on Facebook yesterday for messaging him and asking where my refund was.

There are a couple of webpages that extensively document Mr. Whitman's business practices over the last twenty years, as well as the more recent situation with regards to Jolly Blackburn. Mr. Whitman's handling of Spinward Traveller is not an aberration.
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