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Ah, yes, the passengers. The life of a retired Scout in between adventures; friends looks at your "free" starship and free fuel and tend to ask for rides to places they could not afford to travel otherwise. Beverly Cleary and her daughter Ramona, good friends of Lora's from her various times visiting Regina, had requested a ride to Efate and Lora agreed. They plan to stay for several months visiting family there, so they understand that Lora may want or need to leave and they may need to pay for passage back to Regina - unless they can find another friend with a "free" starship, that is.

The woman at the Way Station takes time to examine the files Lora sent, then calls up more info, then looks up, "I'm sorry, I still don't understand. You are retired Senior Scout Lora Lei, 7 terms, born in 1059 Imp? Ma'am, you just appear much younger than the images that I have. Would you mind sending me a current biometric scan of your hand? This is a classified matter, and I really must be sure I am speaking to the right person."
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