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An atmo-decel. She looks forward to that, if she can find a low-population area where it would be permitted by the port authority. She locates the Efate nav beacons and starts planning two approaches, one boring and one fun. "Will she or will she not? Only her flight director knows for sure."

"No mistake. My mother is a lady of the house of Lei of Strouden and has been all her life and is not retired. Perhaps the graphics you have of me are outdated but I am sure you note the scar." She passes her hand by the scar across her right eye, reaching from her eyebrow to her cheek. She speaks formally but not as if she takes it seriously. Typical pilot. She selects a few files on the computer and posts them. "Sending you an update. And how is it that someone is calling for me the instant I am in-system? I cannot recall owing anyone any money."

[who are the passengers?]
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