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Originally Posted by flykiller
Lora Lei, 7B9BCD, age 46 (6 in lowberth) 40, regen to bio-age 20
Scout 7 tours, Psi 11/11 telepath/telekin
Skills: pilot 3 navigation 1 engineering 1 damagecontrol 1 vaccsuit 2 0g 2 instructor 2 liaison 1 equestrian 2 sidearm 2 combatives 3 Forgery-0, Investigation-1, Search/Hide-1, Security/Intrusion-1
Muster: Baronette/pension, Scoutship
Exiting Jump into Efate (SM 1705) system, Retired Scout Lora Lei checks her indicators and finds them all showing Green, and breathes a sigh of relief. She uses the ship's PA to advise her passengers of their safe arrival in-system, and begins her sensor scan to determine her exact position in-system, preparatory to making a comm to the Scout Way Station on the mainworld to see if they have a berth available.

A good jump, only 110 diameters out from the mainworld, a mere 1,050,000 km, about 4 hours at 2-G, less if she can use the atmo for some final deceleration. As she aims her laser comm to contact the Way Station, she is startled as her board pings with an incoming comm from... Scout Way Station, Efate?

She taps the Receive icon and her holo-field lights up with the image of a woman in neat Scout office uniform with Admin tabs. The woman looks up at her and appears startled. "Excuse me, may I speak with Retired Scout Lora Lei?" Upon Lora's identification of herself, the woman appears even more perplexed. "There must be some mistake. Maybe it is your mother I need? Is she a Retired Scout? Does the Service know that you're flying her detached duty Scoutship?"
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