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Originally Posted by sabredog View Post

"That's about as plain as I can make it right now. What do say?"
'Well, I do not like the idea of Reaver stew even if I am not the main course.'

'As for profit, being the richest guy in the neighborhood is not always what is best. I know many of good people who were wealthy in life with hardly a cred to their name.'

'If I hired on, I want a ship share at least and paid as a Ship's Doctor with double duty pay as either Cargo Handler or Ship's Boat Pilot.'

With a slight wave of his hand, 'I would want to be a ship's officer but not the highest or middlest of rank. I kind of got use to being an officer in the Navy and if I am back on a ship, I still want that small privilege even with the headaches it brings.'

'As for why I should get a ship's share just being your doctor,'
shrugging a bit, 'let me start by saying I can come equipped with just about all you will need on this 'into the dark unknown, where there be tigers'. '

'You have no medicines, an outdated sickbay including auto medic systems, and not any capacity to handle more than one emergency/patient at a time.'

'Now, each one of those by themselves is not a bad thing but all together you are just sliding down a razor blade into a pool of alcohol. If the blade doesn't get you, the alcohol will in the end.'

'Here is counter proposal to your dilemma; First, I can buy a large quantity of medicines at a wholesale price, better than you can via a broker, since I am a certified and registered Doctor of Medicine. And I would be willing to do such at my cost, with a split of profit with the ship.'
'Second, I can obtain a Model 317 Advance Base that could be stored in the cargo bay that could be used not only for numerous patients but if need be we can set it up on ground as a temporary base or worse comes to worse, you could take on a gang of skiffs at a rate just above low berth. Plus, I have had my eye on Portable SciLab about the same size as the Model 317, that would not only allow me or another scientist to evaluate things, I can produce medicines and chemical compounds as needed. Well mainly medicines but it can do more with in the right hands.'
'Third, I do have some people skills, besides my award winning bedside manner. Having a Doctor that can find his way around in the dark alleys could be very helpful, specially in areas where the law is not normally found.'
'Finally, though not listed in my resume, I do know a small bit about robots, mechanical/electrical primarily with medical equipment and I can brew up some really decent batches of beer, ale, mead and Everclear.'

Pausing a bit, as it obvious that Doc was pacing himself as to not talk too fast.

'Now, its your turn to speak and me to listen. What say you?' with a slight chuckling as he drinks down the rest of his coffee.
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