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"I haven't been to this region before, but have heard all the usual wild tales of lost colonies, barbarians howling in the dark, and man-eating aliens waiting to snatch a crew right out of jump. Not that I believe more than a tenth of that, not that anyone would, but still it is a region that is well enough off the beaten track that I think a man could make a name for himself. Maybe someday even carve out a place for himself among those howling wilds"

"And, I'm a curious sort who believes in wonder among the stars so I want to see what really is out there, and find a place for myself. Not some empire but maybe build up to a few more ships and a comfortable trade moving cargo and passengers with decent protection through the rougher patches. There are those Reavers to contend with so we are well armed, and things might get rough, and a lot of blank spots on the map with "Here Be Tygers" and a stellar class being all you get to show that something is there. I want to see what."

"Prudence dictates we should have a good, qualified crew for a journey like this, and she tells me that a good doctor is paramount. That's where you come in. I can't guarantee an easy cruise, nor that anyone won't try to put a few holes in us. But it's been tried before and I'm still here. I can't guarantee you'll end up rich instead of stewed in some Reaver's pot - but we won't take any chances we don't think we'll have a better than even chance of surviving and making a profit out of."

"That's about as plain as I can make it right now. What do say?"
"I may have been grown in a vat, but I wasn't decanted yesterday."

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